Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love tea

I have always liked green tea but only really drink it when it's my only option ... I never order it.  Until The O Dor's J'aime tea.  It's smooth and a bit sweet.  I drink it at The Urban Tea Merchant.

A family favourite is Mariage Frere's Wedding Imperial black tea.  It has a hint of chocolate and caramel...mmm so good on a rainy day.  I found out about it at the Urban Tea Merchant but now they have a new supplier (The O Dor)...anyone know where to get it?

When Scott and I were in Paris is summer we made sure to visit the original Mariage Frere tea salon and stock up on tea.

To serve my tea, I just bought a camel tea pot at Scoop (in West Van)! 
I didn't see the hippo one in the store but it's pretty awesome too I think :) 

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