Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woah Colour

* the pic below was my dorm room while I stayed in Quebec City.  the room above reminded me a bit of it.  good tip for anyone looking for a quick budget fix for an ugly dorm a surfing or travel (whatever you're into) magazine, they are loaded with full page photos and it's a lot cheaper than buying posters.  personally, I can't stay in  place too long before I need to put my mark on it...make it my own... this is a great way to do that and add some colour! *


  1. You should help me add some more colour to my place.

  2. I am still hooked on white walls...just showing alternative trends out there that also look good (though not my favourite). And you'll notice that though the walls are coloured, a number of the spaces have stark white accessories. Your place is looking great! just need to put something up on your walls! :)