Monday, March 22, 2010

Around the World

I really love a room that looks well travelled.  Looks like it has a story.  An eclectic mix of patterns, well used pieces, photos, art, plants, and put-your-feet-up furniture.  

I came across Bokja furniture in a feature on cool stuff.  
They take classic chairs and upholster them with awesome Moroccan, Indian, bohemian — ish fabrics. 
p.s. i realize to that these are pretty feminine and you'd be hard press to get a guy to buy this..but I'm single so I Love it ;)

I also really like Gaiam or Mad Mats outdoor/indoor rugs which are made out of recycled cans!  
There's a little coffee shop on the way to mt Baker that had them out in the summer time and they looked so good on the deck.


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