Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fremont Market

I went to the Fremont farmers market in Seattle last Sunday...what a cool place.  They have such random stuff.  Authentic sunglasses, wallets, postcards and key chains from the 80's, old photos and coins, parts of watches, photos from calendars, jewelery...

I thought these homophone cards were awesome and could be really cool framed as a part of a picture wall.
don't you just want to know the stories behind these photos?
if you're into jewelery making, this table has endless possibilities.  On the right are the white clock parts of old watches, the bracelets in the front are old rulers.
I loved this old western photo!  Who were those guys and what did they do?  These boxes were full of old photos and shots of famous people.  They too would look great framed...definitely a good conversation piece.

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  1. wheeeeee!!!!!!!!! my favourite market everrrr! i can't wait to go back again and buy more vintage jewelry!