Monday, November 15, 2010

Student Talk

Today's Kindergarten Highlights:
  • Being called Ms Spyglass all day by a well meaning boy...(on the right track but not quite)
  • Reminding a boy constantly to take his hands out of his pants (in a Kindy classroom ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS!).
  • Having two students cough directly in my face (if i don't get sick, it'll be a miracle).
  • A boy with his coat on upside down (arms in sleeves and all) ready to go outside.
  • Same boy...brought in cupcakes for his birthday...two cupcakes were left...I asked if he wanted to give them to the two grade 7 lunch monitors in the classroom, he says "no, I think I'll take them home."
  • Cupcake explosions on the floor, tables, and faces.
  • "jump like a bunny to the other side" = the smoothest gym class ever.
what a handful!

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