Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Studio Living Pt 1 - Loft Beds

If you're single and living in the city chances are you'll have to settle for a small space, possibly even a studio apartment...which wouldn't be so bad if you're a student just looking for a place to crash.  BUT, if you're a working professional and want to not just sleep in your apartment but actually live and and entertain...a studio might seem like a ball and chain.  This is the predicament I see myself, I've been looking up ways of making studio apartments seem less of a dorm room and more of a proper living space.  Here's what I've found:

There's nothing worse then having guests over and making them have to use your bed as a couch. awkward.  So really the only way around this is to raise your bed.  Hurray for loft beds!
via apartment therapy
Though, I'm not a huge fan of all the shelving and the decor, this is a really good example of a built in loft bed in a studio apartment.  Underneath the bed behind the TV wall, is a closet and office area.  The curtains are perfect.  
Here they used the extra space for a closet...keep in mind this is probably a room in a house not a studio. Know what your priorities you need more seating? more storage? more workspace?
Just because the bed is raised, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.
If you need storage space not living space this is a great way to get it.
Now this is pretty over the top for my that a crow I see on the latter???  but it shows how you can create your own cozy alcove and functional seating space by putting your bed above.
This is probably the most realistic for a renter.  A lot of the above involved built-ins which is not possible in a rental.  Just ignore the girly teenager decor and picture either a long floor to ceiling curtain on the right side or just a curtain that hangs from the ceiling to cover the bed area.  It could be painted to match the rest of the apartment.  I think it works great as an office space below or you could probably remove the desk and left shelving unit and put in a chair or couch...great spot for reading and extra seating.  
And this is waaaay bohemian but...hanging a hammock underneath? AWESOME!  I've always wanted a hammock but figured it would put too big of a hole in the ceiling of a rental.  This is perfect.

I'm sure most of you have been to Ikea and walked through their great small apartment displays with the loft bed.  
My only suggestions would be to really make it blend in with the rest of the apartment.  Don't let it seem like a cheap, temporary solution to your dilemma of living in a studio.  Dress it up, decorate it!  Make it appear like a built-in.  
For sure, put some sort of curtain or screen to block out the actual bed.
And avoid putting it near the window... small spaces need all the access to light they can get.   

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