Wednesday, February 29, 2012

World Market Shopping

I'm totally in love with the store World Market.  Admittedly, the quality is a bit cheap BUT for the budget minded like me, knock-offs suit me just fine.  And World Market has some pretty good Anthropologie knock-offs as well as lots of authentic Indian style goods.
Not to mention they sell Waialua Soda!
So, if I went shopping at World Market, here are some things I'd be tempted to buy -
(they just added a new catalogue...this is all from the old one now)

For a Parisan House:

 For a Bohemian House:

For an Eclectic House (can really think of another name for it):

*my favourite grouping...more my style*

And some random fun extras:
from top left: a cake transporter, a compost bin, magazine basket, cupcake cups, glass water jug, gift box

This store has everything.  Imported food and jewelry as well as stuff for every room in your house and garden.  Their rugs are really reasonable and so are their gift boxes/bags.  

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