Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blanket Bed Coverings

For a change....instead of a fitted dovet cover, try a blanket draped over the bed (and I don't mean just folded at the foot of the bed). 
Even better when it's a funky print and long enough to gather on the ground.
It's an easy and temporary way to change up the look of a room.
I got a big sheet type thing from a vender at a festival for $8... I don't particulary LOVE the colours but the pattern is cool and it's a refreshing change for the fall. 
One the the blankets below would be awesome to have!


P.S.  While I was searching the net for examples I came across this gem:

"Blanket Lift Bars"
can you imagine?  I couldn't stand this!...that is, if I was able to not move at all during the night in order for this thing to stay in this position.

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1 comment:

  1. haha... i luv the blanket lift bar. but i need something on top of me snuggling me in, not something above me!

    and yes, y'all hafta do the sheet blankets covering the duvet. like mine from UO. i luv it.