Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cuckoo for Coconuts!

My latest craze is coconuts.
I've always loved the smell but I'm really going nuts for the taste now too :)

A couple of months ago, a friend turned my onto coconut oil.
We put a little bit into the melted chocolate for fondu...just when I thought it couldn't get any better.

You can use the same oil for cooking, moisturizing your body and lips (even your face), as sunscreen (not in hawaii's rays and learn), and for softening up the ends of your hair.  Not to mention you smell me anyways ;)

Coconut Oil:
don't bake with the beachcomber budd's kind though...

And if you think that it might be too oily for you, I've tried these moisturizers and loved them:

 And if oil or lotion doesn't leave you smelling coconutty enough:

cheap perfume from the ABC store 

or expensive stuff from Sephora...on my wish list!  Smells soooo good.

there's also a Vanille Coco smell which is just about as good ;)

So just as I was occupied with coconut smells, 
Starbucks introduces coconut syrup
Just about the most amazing thing ever.  Coconut lattes taste like heaven.
and then there's always good old Toasted Coconut Lion Coffee

And then of course, to fill you home will coconut love these candles are pretty sweet too ;)

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  1. YUMMM! I'll take it all :)
    Really tho, I'll have to remember to try the coconut syrup @ sbux.