Thursday, February 23, 2012

Present Playlist

here's what playing on my Grooveshark 

Don't Forget Your Roots - by SIX60
Kisses - by Kisses
Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft Sia
Phantogram - When I'm Small (sooooo good)
And for a little Indian flare....
Jan Pahechan Ho - by Mohammed Rafi (shazam-ed off of the Heineken beer commercial)

Now if only I could get STREAMPAD working on blogger.
its so easy on tumblr :(

p.s. if you haven't discovered you must discover it now!  its how I listen to most of my music while at home.  It gives songs a "test drive" before I commit to buying.  I don't have an account or anything but it does save my song list so the next time I go to the site its all there.  Plus, they have a ton of more obscure artists on you'll find almost any song you want.  

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